GILTI Planning Opportunity

GILTI Planning Opportunity

There seems to be a benefit to be derived from some straightforward planning to address the GILTI tax. Establishing a US C corp to own your foreign business creates no new US corporate income tax and lowers your personal income tax. How would it work?: A US C corp...

Moving to a new country with your pet

Moving, especially to a new country, can be emotional and stressful. This is true for your pets too. They sense change is coming, they see you packing up the house! Then on moving day, they end up in a crate, on a plane, by themselves. This can be a very scary...
FBAR Questions and Answers

FBAR Questions and Answers

There are many questions which arise when people hear FBAR. We’ll address some of them here. 1. What is an FBAR? An FBAR is a filing requirement created under the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970 (so it’s not new but it has gained much more attention recently). The...

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